Strategy Chart


This website provides a chart about the basic strategies or systems of blackjack and the information of this chart are really helpful for the beginner of blackjack or those players who know blackjack well but do not know about the strategy or system of blackjack. By reading this chart a player can learn well about the hit, stand, split, double down, insurance, surrender etc about the blackjack.

The Chart about Blackjack Strategies

This chart will help you to increase your performance in the game, also provides valuable information to make your decision in critical situation. You can make the decision about the hit or stand when you have the point 14 to 17, you can also make your decision about double down or split when you have good hand or pair.

The Basic Strategy or System of Blackjack

This chart is really important for the blackjack players. Beginners can learn about everything that is crucial for playing blackjack from the chart. If the player can follow each instruction of the chart clearly, then it will increase the winning chances of the player, and if the player can not win then the chart will help to reduce the house edge and this is an important factor for playing blackjack. This chart will help the player to take their decision if they face any difficulties.

Why This Chart is so Important

If the dealer stands on the soft 17 what will the players do for multiple players' deck and this is really a difficult situation to make any decision. This chart will help the players to make the decision in an easy way. To check the effectiveness of this chart you can play with the free blackjack software on your computer and we are sure that your winning rate will increase dramatically and your losing rate will decrease constantly.

How to Use the Chart

You have to know how to use the chart because if you have the chart but do not know how to use the chart then it will be nothing to work with. The user guide is given with the chart so when you can learn how to use then start using the chart and you can see the changes in front of you. You do not need to worry about the winning chances because surely that will increase after using the chart.

When you can learn the whole process of chart and you are skilled about the chart then use the knowledge in the professional game, and you will get result on your own and for most of the cases the result will be with your favor.