Tips and Tricks to Play Roulette Online Effectively

There is so much about France to love. Paris, the ladies, the croissants and of course, the French Roulette! Why is French Roulette preferred over European Roulette at online casinos? The most important difference is the betting layout. Though both the Roulette versions contain the same bets, they are laid out little differently. The main difference is in the Dozens bet that lies on the numbers side and not underneath them. The first dozen is called Premier 12, the middle dozen is called Midi 12 and the last is Dernier 12.

Many bets are named in French when you choose to play roulette online at some of the top casinos offering Roulette Online Free Play mode. However, it is quite easy to identify which bets are those. You can even find an English translation under the specific game. So when you see Pair/Impair or Manque/Passe, you can easily find out that they are Even/Odd and Hi/Lo number bets. Similarly, the red and black bets are identifiable quickly.

One of the most important reasons to choose French Roulette is the call bets. There is an ‘Expert’ button towards the bottom right corner which gives an option for call bets when you Play Roulette Online at casino sites. Clicking on this button provides you with many betting options like Orphelins, Les Voisins du Zero and Finales bet. This mode works great on the Premier Roulette diamond game.

Roulette Game Strategies

The Premier American Roulette Diamond is a French Roulette game featuring a powerful tool to let you customize the bets. You can find a variety of options by clicking on the ‘Edit Layout’ button to adjust and save custom bets. Here, you can also see the details of bets placed. You get a number of gadgets too. The Auto-Play panel is another handy tool that lets you set spins, the time between the spins and other parameters.

La Partage is a French Roulette rule and strategy that gives an advantage to the player. This term means ‘sharing’ and the rule is applied when players place even money bets such as black or red and the ball rests on zero. In such a case, you normally lose the bet. But with Roulette tables applying La Partage when you play Roulette online, you lose just the half of your bet. The other half comes back to you.

The Premier French Roulette game has a little old design when compared to some of the newer editions which also feature a 3D wheel. But the game is loaded with the fun factor. It is customizable, fast-paced and the best thing is that it uses La Partage. If you are looking for Roulette Online Free Play games, check out our recommended online casinos for some fun and entertainment without having to spend anything.