MIT Team


When you heard about MIT what will you think? You think about the world famous Institute of Technology of Massachusetts. This institute produces many famous mathematician, hacker, geek, visionary but this institute is also famous for playing blackjack. Yes, the famous blackjack team was made by a teacher and some students of this institute. There were 6 students and a professor who made the team and they earned over million and that amount is the dream for many professional gamblers.

After school club

After a school club, this team formed up. In the club many students played different types of card games and some of them took that as personal challenge. The team formed and each player had to go under some tests to understand their ability to cheat in the game. When they finished their experiment, they started to play the professional game. if anyone wanted to join them that player had to pass the underground tests of blackjack and the 6 students and the professor could only apply for the team members among other student.

Card Counting

They used card counting system as the heart of the techniques. People who is skilled in blackjack and card counting can only win in blackjack continuously but other win are only based on luck. The casino authorities knew that blackjack was the game where skilled players with effective card counting method could win a lot so they always refused the big winners of the game to enter the playing area.

Card counting was the main technique of the MIT team, and they also used some other techniques to win in the game. They used the ultimate version of card counting method to have the highest odds of the game; they played in different decks with different fake names. They won a lot and every night they walked out with a large amount of money.

High Tech versus Low Tech

In the early 90s they won around $400000 in every weekend and that makes them legendary. The technology that casinos usually used that time was really low graded for the MIT team because they used the high tech technology to beat the casino and they really had success while doing that. They used the best methods to beat those casinos and they never played in same casino twice until the team broke up. They made a lot before they caught by those casinos and that is the most interesting story of casino blackjack and they are known as the largest winner of the game history.