Blackjack is an old card games and this game has a huge popularity among the players from every corner of the world for a few centuries. This is a common game in every casino; the online casinos also offer different types of blackjack. Like other casino games, many myths are built based on belief of men without having any proof. These myths were believed by players a few decades earlier but in this modern world, there are only a few players who believe on the myths.

Number 1 Popular Myth of Blackjack

The most popular myth of blackjack was that women were the cause for bad lack in the game. People did not like women in the blackjack area of a casino; even some casinos did not allow women in the blackjack area. The situation is changed now and women are playing blackjack with the men and you can also see some women dealers of blackjack in some casinos.

Though, situation has changed but if you search on the top blackjack players list you will find only a few on the top 100 positions. Usually, woman has greater chance to win blackjack because the dealer will think that she can not know any strategy to use in the game to win.

The male pit bosses and dealers will help the women with every situation in the game and that is a plus point for female blackjack player. Dealers will show more sympathy to the women player than a male player. While playing, the dealer will never suspect that the female player is using any card counting theory and that can give an edge to the female player.

Second Popular Myth of Blackjack

Another myth of blackjack is that, some players always thought that every deck of blackjack has a player for the casino that means that a player is playing to lose every time for the casino's favor. This also not correct because if a player plays for the casino then that player will always lose and that will give advantage to other players about the hand of that player and also the dealer and the card counting system will work more perfectly in that situation.

If the player plays in favor to the house then that player will never double down or split the cards and by this other players will have an advantage to know about the cards on that hand. if you know more cards than usual then you can perfectly use card counting that will increase the winning chances of yours. If the player plays for the casino and lose every time then the player will lose the casino's money and that is not profitable for the casino.