Card Values


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino based card games. France is the origin of this game but now people from all over the world love to play this game. This is a game where the most skilled and experienced player will have more winning chances than a new player and there are many strategies to ensure the winning chances.

This game has some rules and to play the game, you have to learn those rules. These rules are not so tuff, so you can learn all the basic rules of the game within an hour or less. The rules of blackjack are the same for the both version of the game as the land based traditional casinos and online casinos. The main rules of blackjack for different valued cards are given below:

Main Blackjack Rules

1. The ace of blackjack is counted as 1 or 11 depending on your hand and most of the blackjack versions allow players to split the aces and usually you will get single card for splitting the aces.

2. 2 valued cards are usually not useful for playing cards but in blackjack 2 cards are different perspective to deal in the game and chances are varied with the 2 valued cards.

3. 3 valued cards are also having many importances in the game and you have to learn all the strategies about using 3 valued cards in the game.

4. If you get a pair of 4 cards then you can use them for many ways you can split that pair but the most useful way is to call the hit.

5. If you get the 5 then you are having worst card of blackjack but if you have pair of 5 then you have a strong hand to call the hit and win the game.

6. If you get a 6 valued card then you can think this is not a helping card but you can wish for a 5 that time and if you get that too, you will have a strong hand.

7. If you get a 7 then that is the card what will help you to organize your hand and you have to learn all the strategies about the using of 7 cards.

8. If you get a 8 then you can not decide what to do, but if you have a pair of 8 then you have to decide weather you split or hit.

9. 9 is a strong card of blackjack and you must know the use of it and if you get a pair of 9 then you must stand.

10. 10s or face cards value 10 and these cards are the most important cards of blackjack and you will never split a 10 valued card because no strategy will support splitting of 10 valued card.