Card Counting


Blackjack is one of most popular card games and this is a game where the result not only depends on luck but also depends on the playing procedures of the players. In blackjack, you have to play against the dealer; other players of the table are no concern to you.

There are many strategies in blackjack to increase the winning chances of the players and until the card counting system, there were no strategy that can really do the same for most of the time. Card counting has begun the new era of blackjack and its history.

What is Card Counting?

Card counting is the method to count the cards that were already dealt to the players and dealer. This will help you to know what cards are already dealt and what cards remain in the dealer hands and by this you can assume the probability what card you will get next and what card the dealer will get next.

This system will help you make your decision based on remain cards not all 52 cards and that increases the chances to win the game for you. If you know what the dealer will get and what you will get then you can reduce or double down your betting amount and that will ensure your winnings in the game.

How Card Counting Theory Works

If you clearly memorize what cards already dealt then you will know how many cards still remain and this system works more effectively when most of the cards were dealt already. By using this system, you can know what card probably come to you in the next hit and also the dealer so if you can know this you can make sure that whose hands has the highest point without busting and you can bet based on your hand. By this you can increase your winning amount and you can also save your betting amount if you are going to lose.

Effectiveness of Card Counting Theory

There are many cards counting theory in the market and you have to choose from them. If you are a beginner then you have to choose the most popular one because if that system is so popular that means that system really works. Every card counting theory has its own purpose to work so you have to choose that card counting system that works most of situations in blackjack.

If you can use card counting theory really well then it is sure your winning odds will increase rapidly and if you lose then the house edge will be lower than usual. Never use more than one card counting theories at a time because that can ruin all the result and you lose the game.