Blackjack Professionals Who Chanched the Gambling World


Throughout history gambling has made famous many casino players. We can say that these people achieve their popularity due to attention of the public to their strategies and manner of the playing. They were real blackjack professionals. We propose you to look through our guide to famous gamblers and check out the history of standing the most effective blackjack professionals.

MIT Team

Several students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology forms a well-known MIT Team, which pushed the concept of card counting forward and hit the jackpot in almost every casino where they played at that time. The concept of their strategy was simple. It involved a "small fish" player, who counted cards. While the "big player" waited for his signal to place big wager. That's how they won millions of dollars. The chronicles of MIT Team were filmed in a movie called "21" in 2008.

"The Earl of Sandwich"

One of the first blackjack professionals in the world was John Montagu, also called as "the Earl of Sandwich". This person was very addicted to gambling. A famous incident happened to him in 1762, when being at home he sat at the gambling table over 24 hours without any meals. His servant offered his lord a piece of beef so he could eat something. In response Earl suggested to place his beef between slices of bread. So it was possible for him to eat at the table while still playing. This is how the sandwich got its name.

"Wild Bill"

Another American legend is "Wild Bill" Hickok. For his life he made many enemies. And one day he was shot at the gambling table. He died clutching in his hand a pair of aces and 8's. Since then such deal is called the "Dead Man's" hand.

Benny Binion

Was born in 1904 and all his life was a bootlegger. He moved to Las Vegas when he was 43 and opened there his casino. Benny Binion was the real blackjack professional and in 1970's he established the biggest "World Series of Poker" tournament.

Thomas Preston

He was known in the gambling world as "Amarillo Slim". Preston began his career as a pool hustler. In 1972 he won the Main Event tournament at the "World Series of Poker".


The life of all these people shows us that nothing in this world can be achieved without sense of measure and risk. These blackjack professionals proved this statement by their lifelines and destinies. Still while you aren't a professional player or gambler make your life worth living.