Overview of the Main Black Jack Game Rules


Blackjack is one of the most entertaining card games of all times. The blackjack game rules give you the ability for using strategies, tips, math, statistics etc. Here is the basic overview of the main black jack game rules.

So you've decide to learn play blackjack. What do you need first of all? Surely you need to learn blackjack game rules. The main basic rules are simple. As you might know the goal of the game blackjack is to achieve points as close to 21 as it is possible adding the values of your cards, and certainly not going over 21. Just remember this number and that the dealer also needs to get up to 21 earlier than you. If so - he wins. If not - then you win. Is that clear? Ok, let's move on.

Card Values

Few words about card values. Due to blackjack game rules each of the face cards (they are Jacks, Queens and Kings) equal 10 points. Aces can be counted as 1 or 11, depends on what value is preferable for you. All the other cards (2-10) are counted by their number.

Blackjack Game Rules

Now that you've have chosen to play the blackjack let's find out what else should you know about blackjack game rules.

There are two possible ways of playing blackjack:

Playing "face up" means that all the cards from the shoe are dealt face up. You can't touch your cards if you chose this way of playing blackjack. There are also some hand signals for you to let the dealer know your next move.

Playing "face down" is much older variant of the game and due to blackjack game rules the player is allowed to touch his cards using only one of his hands.

Nevertheless, dealer always deal his cards the same - one card is face up, other - face down.

How to Play

As you decided which table to choose and prepare yourself for the game - let's begin. Firstly you must make the bet. After that the dealer shuffle cards, he deal 2 cards both for you and for him, with one of his cards face up.

When you subtotal your cards you can get another card by saying "Hit" to try to receive 21, or "Stand" with your cards if you think it's enough to beat the dealer. Then your hands are compared. If you get 21 within your first two cards - it means that you've get the Blackjack - and you are the winner. Your payout will be one and one-half times you have made your bet. If the dealer also gets Blackjack then due to blackjack game rules it is called a Push and you receive your wager back.

Isn't that easy? Taste your luck or use world-known strategies, it's up to you. Choose and practice; now you surely can play the most popular game in the world!