Main Blackjack Tips to Mention


What are the advantages of playing blackjack? In our view they are the simple rules, possibilities of using some well-known strategies like card counting and, of course, black jack tips that will help you to play your best!

We have compiled basic blackjack tips; all you need to do is read and implement them into your style of the game. Though the game is not as difficult as it might be seem for the first time, be sure - our tips will help you to focus at the table and will move you to winning.

Basic Blackjack Tips

  1. Choosing the Table. Never ever sit down at the first table you've seen. It's a must. The maximum bet at the table you have to choose must be under 5% than your bankroll. It's a signal that you won't lose more than you expect to. Also pay your attention at the players' behavior. Chose the table with smiling and easy looking people.
  2. Insurance. Remember, you shouldn't buy insurance while playing blackjack. This is one of the important blackjack tips.
  3. Proper etiquette. Never behave rude to your dealer.
  4. Basic Strategy. Pay attention to basic blackjack strategy. Learn it and use it. You just can't lose when using odds and guide blackjack basic strategy.
  5. Splitting. Always split pairs of Aces and never split any face cards and especially 10's.
  6. Bankroll. Take as a rule this main blackjack tip - limit your bankroll to prevent spending money you don't want to lose.
  7. Hit/Stand. Know the measure when deciding whether to hit and take another card or to stand. Hit until you get 17 or higher. Always stand on 17 or higher. Hit soft 18 when your dealer gets 10.
  8. Appearance and distraction. When you in the casino for the first time it's preferable for you to walk around and get accustomed to its sounds and bright lights.

And the last blackjack tip that is not on a list. Don't forget that blackjack is a game which requires skills and practice. So the more you play the better results you achieve and the more money you win.