Learn the Basic Blackjack Odds


Many people playing the blackjack misunderstand the odds. Remember, if you know the odds - it's a guarantee to win at blackjack. Learn to handle the odds in your favor by analyzing the deck and cards you've already seen. Making the odds work on you using the card counting method is the reason why most casinos have restricted counters to play blackjack.

General Information

Because of the player has to draw his cards first - the house usually has an advantage. But even if everything were equal, it makes no difference and the house edge would be at about 8 %.

Both the dealer and player have a probability of busting at about 28%. You can't calculate the house edge, but the right using of basic blackjack strategy gives you the opportunity to turn down to 0.5% the casino edge. If you are good at counting cards you can change the odds in your favor and take an advantage over the casino.

The house hold is similar to the house edge but the difference is that the house hold is the real number.

Learning Basic Odds

There is a rule in playing blackjack when dealer stands on soft 17. In many casinos this rule has been changed to a dealer hits the soft 17. The surrender options make possible for you to give up the half of your bet. It is useful when used correctly.

Thought many blackjack games provide better odds payout a trick may conclude in using Spanish decks for example. Spanish decks do not have 10's. They are just removed.

But luckily the players have the advantages:

The basic strategy is a list of expert tips, remember they are always better of any your decision. You will always win more with using the basic strategy rather than playing without any.

Depending on house or table rules, the amount of decks - odds will change. The better decision for a newbie in blackjack will be analysis of Blackjack odds chart, where all the best moves and possible combinations are shown.