Basic Strategy


When, you are starting the blackjack you have to learn well about basic strategy of the game. This is something that you have to learn every rules and terms of the game and that includes that you have to memorize the cards of other players and dealers what are already dealt face up. There are many people who use a chart to memorize the basic strategy but I do not do this. I use different procedures to memorize the basic strategy and I am sure this way is much easier than using a chart to learn and use the basic blackjack strategy in real money betting games.

If you can learn that dealer's face down card is a 10 then you can easily decide that what will be happened if you get a 10 card in the next hit, this is an easy process to memorize because there 16 cards in every 52 cards that have the value 10. So, this is not a hard task to memorize different blackjack basic strategies and if you can use these strategies well you can win a lot than usual.

Basic Blackjack Strategy for Hard Hand

Hard hand means that hand what does not have any ace or if have the ace then that will be measured as the 1 value to avoid the busting. You can learn about the strategy below for hard hand:

1. Hard 8 or less

2. Hard 9

3. Hard 10

4. Hard 11

5. Hard 12

6. Hard 13 - 16

7. Hard 17 to 21

Basic Blackjack Strategy for Soft Hand

Soft hand means the hand including an ace and the player can decide about the value of the ace based on his or hand. That means the ace can be measured as 1 or 11 and the choice is the player's only. Counting the ace as 11 the basic strategy for different soft hands are given below:

1. Soft 13 - 14

2. Soft 15 - 16

3. Soft 17

4. Soft 18

5. Soft 19 to 21

Basic Blackjack Strategy for Splitting Pairs

Two cards with the same value are known as the pair. The player has to decide what he wants to do with a pair, will the pair be split or he or she will play the pair as a hard hand. strategy for different pairs are given below:

1. Aces

2. 2's

3. 3's

4. 4's

5. 5's

6. 6's

7. 7's

8. 8's

9. 9's

10. 10's